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10 Tips For First Time Travel To Thailand

Tips for First Time Travel to Thailand. Thailand is a country on Southeast Asia’s Indochina peninsula known for tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples displaying figures of Buddha, a revered symbol. In Bangkok, the capital, an ultramodern cityscape rises next to quiet canal and riverside communities.

10 Tips For First Time Travel To Thailand
Tips For First Time Travel To Thailand

First Time Travel To Thailand

Today I required sharing with you some tips and things you should aware earlier going to Thailand. I was aware of some of these before we arrived in Bangkok, while others were a more of a shocking amazement once you got there.

On Airport

Get ready for a long walk and just follow the overhead blue “immigration” signs. Fill your arrival / departure cards. In Thailand they have baggage carts usually waiting near the gate exits to use and they are FREE to use unlike some airports. There are also moving walkways along the way to immigration. Airports of Thailand are so neat and clean its shine like glass.

Immigration Process

The immigration process can be very slow and tedious at this point and can be irritating. When you will start you will see the people fast who haven’t filled out the arrival / departure cards out and are now sent away from the immigration / passport station by the officer to fill it out. At that time you can say, “Thank you Tips for First Time Travel to Thailand for the information.

People Never StandIn Lines

This may take a few days to figure out. Instead of line up, Thais form a crowd. Stand your ground, and get used to a lack of personal space in public places.

Tips For First Time Travel To Thailand
Tips For First Time Travel To Thailand

Taxi Service

The taxi desk clerk will hand you a taxi slip that is in Thai and English that you will give to the driver at the end of your ride. You will be responsible for all the road tolls. Don’t take a taxi driver’s word on it if they say an attraction or site is closed for the day; many times they will use this tactic to try to “suggest” other destinations which earn them a commission. Insist your driver switch his meter on. If he refuses, get out and find another.

Carry A Photocopy Of Passport

Whether it be an impromptu demand from a local policeman or a request from security at one of the city’s swanky nightspots, carrying ID is a must in Thailand.

Eating Manner

Eat off your spoon, not your fork. Eating directly off a fork is considered crude; instead, use your fork to push food onto your spoon.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Packing a supply of the wet stuff in Bangkok’s sticky, stifling heat is even more crucial to your comfort. Our irrational rule of thumb drinks more than you sweat.

Don’t Talk About King

Thai people hold their King and Queen and the Royal Family in great reverence, and so won’t tolerate foreigners showing disrespect to them. Generally Thai women are conservative. So don’t touch them without their consent.

Dress properly To Enter Buddhist Temple

Dress properly when entering a Buddhist temple. Miniskirts and shorts are not allowed. Take your shoes off before going inside the hall of worship. Ladies must not on any account touch a Buddhist monk, give things direct to him or receive things direct from him.

Head Touch

Don’t touch a person’s head, nor ruffle his hair. The head is the noblest part of the body. A sincere apology should be offered immediately if you touch someone’s head unintentionally. Avoid placing your feet on the table while sitting. Never use your foot to point things out or to touch any part of the body of anyone, which is considered rude.

Tips For First Time Travel To Thailand
Tips For First Time Travel To Thailand