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5 Best Destinations to Visit in Pakistan This Summer

In our country, most of the school-going kids have the vacation in summer, so it is considered the best time to make a trip to beautiful places. If you also are planning a summer trip with your family, read through the page as it reveals some of the best tourist spots to help you beat the heat in the hot summer season.

There are many vacation destinations in Pakistan from which you can choose the best to spend joyful moments with your family and friends. However, selecting the best is itself a daunting task. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of 5 best destinations to visit in summer 2018.

Best destinations to visit in summer


Rawalakot is well-known for its beautiful visiting spots and scenic sights. With the fascinating and delightful waterfalls, the saucer-shaped Pearl Valley offers a lot of opportunities for the adventure lovers. In addition to observing the glimpse of natural beauties, the tourists have various activities to do such as hiking, rock climbing, paragliding and summer camping. There are many affordable restaurants, and guest houses are available here to stay. The most attractive tourist sports nearby in this region are Jandala, Singola, Toli Pir and Banjosa Lake.

nagar valleyNagar Valley

The long-standing Nagar Valley is the most favorite destination of the family vacationers. With tall rusty trees and snow-clad mountains, Nagar Valley can make your holidays joyful and memorable. This region boasts more than thirty high peaks. The major attraction of the valley is the central town “Nagar Khas” where you will experience friendliness and collaboration with the local community. Other tourist attractions are Bualter Glacier and Hopar Valley.  The ideal time to visit this destination is from April to September.

neelwan valley

Neelwan Valley

Close to Kalar Kahar, Neelwan Valley is the best destination for those who want to make the only day trip with their family. The beautiful and fascinating waterfall, couples with the pools to enjoy, makes it the perfect holiday spot for the residents of nearby areas.  The cold and blue water of Neelwan ponds offer the visitors an opportunity for swimming. However, if you aren’t a professional swimmer, then avoid diving in the ponds.  Some affordable cafeterias are also available so you will surely have a nice day trip here.

Shangrila Resort SkarduShangrila Resort Skardu

Nestled between some highest peaks of the world, Shangrila Resort Skardu is commonly known as the “Heaven on Earth.” You can see many classic and legendary magic scenes in this area. There are most beautiful valleys, glaciers, historical treasures, natural wildlife and forests which can be enjoyed by all the family members. World’s highest peak K-2 is the major attraction near Skardu. Each year, a large number of mountaineers come here to fulfill their desire of mountain trekking.

Kalash ValleysKalash Valleys

The Kalash Valleys are the hotspot for a large number of tourists every year.  Located in Chitral District in northern Pakistan, these valleys are nestled amongst the Hindu Kush mountain range. This region is renowned across the globe for its attractiveness along with a unique culture that is something different to our eyes. The area includes three main valleys, from which the largest and populous is Bumburet (Mumuret). The most significant thing of attraction in the Kalash Valley is its traditional culture and civilisation. Even its citizens haven’t changed their traditional attire. You will surely experience something very unique in this area. By visiting the Kalash Valleys, you will not only provide your kids happy and entertaining summer vacation, but you can also let them know about the unique civilizations.