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8 Best Lakes Around the World

8 Best Lakes Around the World

Lakes are the beauty of nature. They are the assets that enhance the appeal of a site making it more lucrative for the visitors. These wonders of nature are present everywhere and either they are natural or synthetic they just serve to showcase the unique properties of water. Here is a list of eight bestest lakes around the world that do worth a visit. Have a read and do consider them while planning your net trip….. Don’t forget to let us know about your experience later!!!!

lake baikal, russia(1) Lake Balika, Russia:

Dates back to some 25 million years, Lake Balika Russia is the oldest and the largest freshwater body in the world. It is located in the south eastern part of and offers a magnificent view in winter when the water freezes and the site transforms into a huge ice skiing rink.

Lake Titicaca, Bolivia(2) Lake Titicaca, Bolivia:

Most popularly known as “The Birthplace of the Sun” Titicaca lake is the world’s highest navigable water body that presents a spectacular view of sunset too. It is believed to be housing over 530 aquatic and water birds’ species and hence could be a right choice for those seeking an opportunity to explore sea life.

Dead Sea Lake(3) Dead Sea Lake:

Don’t get confused with its name, Dead Sea or Salt Sea is actually a salt lake bordering with Jorden from the eastern side and Israel and Palestine in the west. The site is perfect for taking a rejuvenating sunbath as it remains sunny round the year but the UV rays reaching here are too low to wreck havoc on your skin. Furthermore the skin conscious gals also use lakes mud to revitalize their skin as it is known to have some skin revitalizing properties and hence is widely used in beauty products.

Plitvice lakes, Croatia(4) Plitvice lakes, Croatia:

The chain of 16 mesmerizing lakes interconnected by breathtaking waterfalls Plitvice lakes are housed in The Plitvice Lakes National Park granting it the status of most visited tourist attraction in Croatia. The visitors also get an opportunity to witness a variety of wildlife animals populated in the PLNP. Summer is the best time to visit those desirable lakes.

Loch Duich, Scotland(5) Loch Duich, Scotland:

Calm and romantic Loch Duich is arguably the most beautiful among the lakes of Scottish Highlands. Besides being excessively stunning, its proximity to the 14th century landmark Eilean Donan Castle is something that makes the traveler fall in love with the lake. The best accommodation during a Loch Duich trip is Kinloch Lodge as it is a perfect blend of history and modernism.

Loch Duich, Scotland(6) West Lake, China:

The pictorial beauty of this tranquil freshwater water lake is potent enough to influence ancient Chinese poetry and painting and to inspire garden design. The stunning West Lake is divided into five sections and is home to numerous Chinese gardens, temples, pagodas and manmade islands. The UNESCO World Heritage Site has been described as the best fusion between nature and human.

Crater Lake, America

(7) Crater Lake, America:

This desirable water body is believed to be formed about 8000 years ago when a tall peak collapsed in the result of a volcanic eruption and a lake appeared on the site. It is recognized as the deepest lake in US and its deep blue color which indicates the depth is center of attention for the nature loving visitors.

como lake

(8) Como Lake, Italy:

Surrounded by deluxe mansions, lush gardens and beautiful valleys, the Y-shaped Como Lake is arguably the most attractive and striking lake in Italy. Months between May- Sept is the best time to visit Como Lake; don’t forget to take a cruise ride and enjoy the lake scenery to make the most of your trip.