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Fascinating Beaches in Sydney for Your Next Trip

Golden and sun-soaked beaches are undeniably the best places to spend a peaceful and enjoyable vacation. Sydney’s beaches are well known for their magnificence and rocking nightlife. Every year many surfers, swimmers and tourists come to Australia for observing the glory of the beaches in Sydney.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular beach destinations in this marvelous city, which are easily accessible. Many cafés, restaurants and shopping centers cluster most of these destinations. Here, you can enjoy a range of aquatic activities such as kayaking, canoeing and snorkeling.

Fascinating Beaches in Sydney

Bondi Beach Sydney

(1) Bondi Beach

Bondi beach is one of the most iconic beaches across the globe. Its sweeping white-sand makes it unable to attract thousands of visitors each year. The beautiful Beach is located 7 kilometers (4 mi) east of the Sydney CBD (central business district). The vacationers have a lot of activities to do here, especially bathing and swimming in the Icebergs ocean pool that is a historical landmark of Bondi Beach.  Another attraction is Bondi Bubble which is entirely covered with cafés, restaurants, hotels and shops.

Bronte Beach

(2) Bronte Beach

Just 2 kilometers away from the Bondi Beach, Bronte beach is also one of the busiest beaches. With sandstone cliffs and a grassy park, the winning family-oriented beach is a perfect place to spend your day. The waterfront is bursting with quaint coffee bars, chip shops and fish points. A major attraction of this region is Bronte Sea bath; the 30-meter long public ocean swimming pool is not only free to use but also open for seven days a week. Bronte Park is a hot spot for kids of all ages who come to the Bronte Beach. The ride of Bronte kids train is another exciting activity. Most people love this destination due to its beautiful location, recreational opportunities and cheap accommodation option

Tamatara beach

(3) Tamarama Beach

It is a small beach located between two prominent and well-known headlands. With less than 2,000 inhabitants, the extremely narrow beach is surrounded by several picnic areas and entertaining parklands. The unmatched beauty and favorite recreational places make it a tremendous destination for the tourists seeking relaxation. Here you can enjoy swimming, sunbaking, surfing and many more activities.

Little Manly Beach

(4) Little Manly Beach

Little Manly Beach (Sydney) is one of the biggest natural harbors in the world. It is an ideal hangout for those who want to spend some peaceful and memorable moments with their kids and family. Plenty of grass areas; calm and clean water and exciting playgrounds attract the visitors as well the natives. There are many cafes, inns, motels, and family resorts available here. The beach is famous for being the best place for kids, where they can play in the sand and build sandcastles.

Maroubra beach

(5) Maroubra Beach

Maroubra beach is one of the Sydney’s most famous surfing locations. With an almost kilometre-long expanse of sand, the Maroubra beach is very popular among the visitor for its appropriate accommodation option and easy access. Main attractive spots are Jack Vanny Memorial Parkland and Mahon Pool. For the tea or coffee lovers, the cafes and coffee bars are available in the centre of the beach. Some free BBQs are located towards the southern part of the beach while more restaurants and cafes are situated in Marine Parade. Activity options include surfing, swimming and snorkeling. The beach has a large playground, free parking as well as the toilet facilities.

You have checked the list of top five fascinating beaches in Sydney. Which one have you selected for your next trip? Share your answer via posting a comment.