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Top 5 Places to Visit in the Northern Areas of Pakistan

Breathtaking scenic views, deep blue lakes, high mountains and lush green hills make the northern areas of Pakistan preferred destinations for tourists not only from the country but across the globe. This page reveals some interesting facts about the most visiting locations in the northern areas.

If you have a look at these facts, you will know that right from dynamic landscape to sky kissing mountains and beautiful scenes are found in our country. Here is a list of top 5 places to visit in the northern areas.

Top 5 Places to Visit in the Northern Areas

hunza valley

1)    Hunza Valley

Hunza Valley leads the list of outstanding destinations in the northern areas. Surrounded by the Karakoram mountain ranges and the great Himalayas, this magnificent region has been one of the tourist attractions for many years. It has various exceptional things to attract the tourists including God-gifted beautiful scenes, pleasant weather and breathtaking architecture. Apart from this, there are many restaurants for eating lovers. If you visit this Heaven of the Earth, you will undoubtedly experience the extreme of natural beauties as well as the friendliness and hospitality of the local community.


2)    Skardu

Another significant destination in the northern areas is Skardu which has the abundance of tourist places. It is the focal point for the climbers as almost all ways towards world’s highest mountains are approached from here. The most visited tourist attraction in this region is Shangrila Lake that is located in Kachura village. Nearly 2500m long, this artificial lake got international fame in 1983 after famous Shangrila resort built on its bank. Two famous forts near Skardu are Shigar Fort and Khaplu Fort which invite visitors to see beautiful scenes. The journey of Skardu never completes without visiting the Deosai national park that is just 50km away from the central city. This beautiful park is well-known for its natural life.

kalam valley

3)    Kalam

Next in the list of top destinations in Pakistan’s northern areas is Kalam. This momentous region has a lot of tourist attractions including towering mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and many more. Kalam is an ideal spot for those who have a special interest in sports as this area offers opportunities for climbing, hiking and bating. Various nice resorts and restaurants are also available here to stay. An extremely nice location “Murghzar” is situated near Swat’s capital Saidu Sharif and attracts the tourists’ attention with its natural beauty and cheerful atmosphere.

Naran Kaghan

4)    Naran Kaghan

There is no need for an introduction of the most visited Naran Kaghan areas. Each year, about two million tourists visit here to observe the glimpse of natural beauties and this figure has been increasing gradually with every coming year. The most interesting venue in this region is Lake Saifulmalook. This lake is one amongst worldwide top destinations due to its sublime beauty. Other famous places are Nori Top, Lalazar Meadows and Shogran.


5)    Chitral Valley

The trip to the northern areas of Pakistan never completes if we don’t visit the Chitral Valley that is famous as a tourist hub. This most beautiful location fetches a lot of visitors as it has an abundance of tourist attractions ranging from icy mountains to rivers and forests. In Chitral Valley, the tourists enjoy hiking, fishing, trekking and mountaineering. The best months to visit this region are July, August and September.

You have checked the list of top 5 Places to visit in the Northern Areas. Did you find it informative? Which place have you chosen for next holiday destination? Share your opinion by posting a comment below.