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Top 6 Tourist Attractions in Italy

Hardy any site meet the level of richness Italy has in the terms of art and architecture. Being the birthplace of ancient Roman civilization and Renaissance period, Italy is among the top travel destinations in the world especially for the art lovers. Not only for the possession of architectural masterpieces and art treasures from the medieval era, this boot-shaped country is also known for chic fashion, picturesque landscapes, passionate people and yummy regional cuisine. It offers a lot to see and do that it might take a lifetime to explore the entire country. So we have compiled a list of five best travel destinations in Italy to assist you with the selection of sites.

1) Pompeii;

Pompeii handsomely addresses almost every aspect of ancient Roman civilization including Roman art, trade, custom and lifestyle. The city was utterly vanished during a volcanic eruption in79 AD and re-explored in the mid of 18th century leaving the explorers stunned to find an intact city with artefacts, buildings and skeletons of the deceased people under the carpet of dust and debris. Pompeii is an excellent site to visit for the history passionate out there.

 2) Leaning Pisa Tower:

One of the world’s most famous architectural landmark the Leaning Pisa Tower is a bell tower most commonly known for its tilting building. However inspite of a major flaw, this building is strong enough to survive WWII and 4 major earthquakes which jolted the region badly. Archaeologists believe that the reason behind this gradual tilting is actually making the tower even stronger and highly impregnable.

3) Amalfi Coast:

Boasting Mediterranean landscape, Amalfi Coast is among the top rated destinations in Italy. Since it offers a little to do and see, you won’t need to feel hurry. Move around the site slowly, take a boat ride, enjoy a day out at the beach play, swim, eat and take tanning bath relaxing at color coded sun beds at Marina di Cantone. Explore Capri island or consider walking along the Footpath of the Gods at the Surrentine Peninsula. Moreover also schedule some tiny trips to Amalfi Coast’s popular churches, pubs, and bistros to know a lot more about its culture.

4) The Uziffi Gallery:

Boasting artifacts and masterpieces of Renaissance period the Uziffi Gallery has been rated among the largest art museums that manages to lure about million art lovers annually. It might be an ideal location for the art lovers to visit since it hosts masterpieces created by renowned Italian artists including Botticelli, Giotto, Cimabue, Michelangelo, Leonardo daVinci and Raffaello being the most famous. Furthermore, the Vatican museum, Rome is also a must see while your trip to Italy.

5) St. Mark’s Basilica:

If you’re in Venice, never skip a visit to St. Mark’s Basilica to make yourself feel wandering in the ancient Venice. Originally founded to preserve St. Mark’s corpse in 9th century AD, the building was reconstructed by Venice(after the original one burnt in 932) giving it a multicultural touch with  Byzantine domes, a Greek cross layout and walls sporting Syrian, Egyptian and Palestinian marbles. Entry to the cathedral is free of cost and  it remains open from 10am-5pm round the week except Sunday. Doge’s Palace, located near St. Mark’s Basilica is also a great site to see matchless Italian artifacts.

5) Lake Como:

incarcerated in the sconce of mountains and lined by an array of beautiful town Como Lake is yet another popular attraction in Italy. A bunch of luxury villas and opulent palaces enhanced with gardens adds to the appeal of this y-shaped fresh water body. There are fine town resorts surrounding the lake to offer the visitors a lavish living experience.