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Top 8 Must-Visit Places in Islamabad

Pakistan’s capital territory Islamabad is a city which is truly blessed with several best hilarity places. Due to having a modern community and beautiful visiting places, Islamabad is the center of attractions for national and international tourists.  In this page, you can get information about some best visiting places in Islamabad. We hope you will like these areas to spend your next vacations.

faisal masjid

1)  Shah Faisal Masjid


Daman-e-Koh is one of the top visiting places in Islamabad. Located in the middle of Margalla Hills, Daman-e-Koh is about 500ft from Islamabad city. The main attraction of this beautiful place is that you can have a good overview of the whole city from here. It is a not only a popular destination for the residents, but the tourists also like to spend some quality time at this beautiful viewing point.

rawal lake

3)  Rawal Lake

The Rawal Lake has been a marvelous destination for the vacationers for a long time. Built in 1962, this beautiful lake covers an area of 8.8 km². With a stunning combination of the reservoir of fresh water, flowering trees, secluded paths and picnic spots, it provides a nice view to the visitors. The Rawal Lake is the best resort for those who are fond of boating, sailing and water skating.

islamabad zoo

4)  The Islamabad Zoo

Islamabad Zoo is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Islamabad. At this lovely and exceptional picnic point, you can observe a variety of God’s creatures. Especially, it is an ideal holiday destination for kids who always enjoy and make fun at such places.

saidpur village

5)  Saidpur village

If you are planning to spend some peaceful time with your friends or family in Islamabad, then never miss Saidpur village. This modern village is located under Margallah Hills in Northern Islamabad. This lush green area attracts the tourists with its modern touch of the traditional village lifestyle. Here you can also observe several cafeterias and recreational places.

pakistan monument

6)         Pakistan Monument

Next on the list of the most beautiful visiting places in Islamabad is Pakistan Monument that is famous for the historic artwork done on its walls. Surrounded by a pretty garden, Pakistan monument is a delight for the students of history and the people who want to witness some great artwork.  The museum, attached with Pakistan Monument, is also unique in itself. You will surely have a great holiday at this historic place.

pir sohawa

7)    Pir Sohawa

A small hill station “Pir Sohawa” seizes a special place amongst the top destinations in Islamabad. This beautiful location is the ideal picnic point in both winter and summer seasons. In the winter months, snowfall covers the surrounding area that is a great attraction for the tourists. During the summer season, most people travel to Pir Sohawa to make their evenings cool and joyful.

fatima jinnah park

8)   Fatima Jinnah Park

Another tourist’s attraction in Islamabad is Fatima Jinnah Park which is consists of lovely walking tracks. Having an area of about 2000 square meters, this park is located in F-9 sector. The most area of the park is covered by greenery and creates a nice view for the observers.


9)  Shakarparian

The list of top visiting sites in Islamabad is uncompleted without Shakarparian that is located near zero points. Consists of a hill, fabulous park and unique galleries, Shakarparian was built in the early 60s. The best time to visit this stunning location is just after sunset when the view of flashing lights generates a mysterious scene.